Locale Graph

[Deprecated] This is a simple WPF desktop application, enabling users to browse .NET cultures, regions and currencies available on the local machine and its relations. After the selection graph creation option, the user can view the dependencies of these three entities as a graph.


[Discontinued] BitTorrent Bleep contact sharing website. People can share their contact info and some personal details, others can search by certain criteria and add them as a contact.

Grocery Checklist API

[Discontinued] Grocery Checklist back-end API. Provides a list of categories, products, ways to sign up and sign in with social networks, add items to buy, mark them as bought.

TIKSN PowerShell Cmdlets

Handy PowerShell cmdlets


[Discontinued] Torrent files sharing website.

TIKSN Framework

Portable Class Libraries bundled in NuGet package.