Lionize is Task Management Software developed using Microservices architecture, web and mobile applications, backend APIs, and microservices. The organization has 8 public repositories that contain various projects related to C#, .NET, Entity Framework Core, ASP.NET MVC Core, Kafka, RabbitMQ, MongoDB etc.

Some of the projects are:

  • IdentityManagementService: A microservice that handles user authentication and authorization.
  • TaskManagementService: A microservice that manages tasks and projects.
  • HabiticaTaskProviderService: A microservice that integrates with Habitica, a gamified task management app.
  • WebUI: A web application that provides a user interface for the microservices.
  • SettingsService: A microservice that stores and retrieves settings for other services.
  • Messaging: A library that facilitates messaging between microservices using Kafka or RabbitMQ.

The organization also has some development projects such as IntegrationTests, Scripts etc.

Tigran (TIKSN) Torosyan
Tigran (TIKSN) Torosyan
Team Leader, Senior Software Engineer

I am a .NET Lead Engineer