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Hi, I am Tigran (TIKSN) Torosyan. Welcome to my website!


Tigran (TIKSN) Torosyan

Backend Technical Leader



I have 10 years of experience in software development. I am proficient in C#, .NET, Entity Framework [Core], ASP.NET MVC [Core], OOP/OOD, Software Design Patterns, TDD, Messaging (Kafka, RabbitMQ), Microservice Architecture, Kubernetes, Docker, PowerShell [Core]. I have experience in Mobile Development in UWP and Xamarin.

Regarding my work habits, I am a focused, goal-oriented worker with a very analytical mind. Frequently, I start independent projects just for fun including my website, framework, apps, and various tools and small utilities. In these projects, I have used technologies that I am interested in but are not used in a corporate environment like Microsoft Bot Framework. I work very well with a team, I prefer it compared to working by myself as I love both giving and receiving advice to and from others.


  • Solution architecture
  • Cloud computing
  • Microservices, Service Mesh and Orchestration


  • Master of Computer Information Science, 2014

    American University of Armenia

  • Bachelor of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, 2011

    Yerevan State University


C# / .NET / ASP.NET / EF


Microservices / Docker / Kubernetes




Apache Kafka / RabbitMQ


MongoDB / Redis


SQL Server / PostgreSQL




DTO transpiler. Language-agnostic way to create DTOs to be shared between back-end and front-end or between different services.

Locale Graph

[Deprecated] This is a simple WPF desktop application, enabling user to browse .NET cultures, regions and currencies available on the local machine and its relations. After selection graph creation option, user can view dependencies of these three entities as a graph.


[Discontinued] BitTorrent Bleep contact sharing website. People can share their contact info and some personal details, other can search by certain criteria and add them as a contact.

Grocery Checklist API

[Discontinued] Grocery Checklist bank end API. Provides a list of categories, products, way to sign up and sign in with social networks, add items to buy, mark them as bought.

TIKSN PowerShell Cmdlets

Handy PowerShell cmdlets


[Discontinued] Torrent files sharing website.

TIKSN Framework

Portable Class Libraries bundled in NuGet package.